Something OLD, Something NEW and BLUE but nothing borrowed

Firstly something OLD.

I have started to scan all of my fathers designs from the 1960s and 1970s, this will be hopefully completed by the new year.

fantasie impromptu

Something BLUE and NEW

this year I have launched a new IOM called KMR (don’t ask). This was designed at the request of a client. The prototype has been moulded and will be on the water soon  and this will be in production in the new year.

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This weekend should be the launch of the Malteser. Photos to follow


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Thought it was time I updated this blog with what has been happening this year.

The Malteser is in production with a hull now in the UK, Holland, USA

The Wedge IOM continues to progress with now 28 boats been moulded and posted to owners in Thailand, USA, UK, New Zealand, Turkey, Belgium and Germany.

The Sledge RG65 has had new hulls built and sent out to their owners

The Sith RG65 has started production this year with boats being sold to France, Uk, USA, Germany, Holland and Georgia.

A New IOM Design – KMR (chimera) has been commisioned and finished for a Client in Germany, this is being CNC machined for manufacture later this year


Another Design in the process of being built is the Vision RG65



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Somethings old, Something new

here are a couple of pictures from les robins showing somethings old and something new

the planked IOM is a “sleek” design and the blue boat is a SLICK RM. the white hull is a malteser IOM home build

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Wedge No1 delivered

last week I took delivery of the “Wedge” No1. A well constructed Yacht from my builder in Thailand

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White hull the the plug of the WEDGE IOM. black hull is the first SLEDGE rg65received_1759231910978757received_1759231900978758

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you wait for a while and then two come along

after a while waiting for designs to be complete you then get notice that there are multiple designs coming from various clients

the first one in the Malteser, being built by Mx components for Darren Abdilla


the second is a IOM version of the Wedge RG65.

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