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It;s been a while since I last posted’ a lot of stuff has been happening this year.

Firstly a 3D printed design have started to appear in America, Australia and the UK. this is the visionary IOM and can be purchased from Zachary Chan.

Secondly work has started on the Visionary RG65, this is also available as a 3D model and hopefully in the new year a Carbon moulded version will be available once trials have been done.

thirdly, an old design has been resurrected and is now complete and sailing. this is the VIPER design that has been revamped with a new deck and radio installation

Fourthly, RED5 is being developed in chile for production later this year, here are some pictures on the test boat

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i would like to announce that the Visionary IOM is ready!!!
Visionary is modeled based on Dave Creed and Craig Smith Keel and rudder.
Custom servo box drop in for Hitec HS-5086wp direct drive.

This has proved quite popular this year with the lockdown as shown

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Vision rg65


Here are some photos of the vision rg65. This prototype was built in the UK

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Some thin different

Here are some pictures and videos of a new rg65. This was created to see how thin the rg65 class could go.

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Catch up

Been a while since I posted any updates. Since then I have taken delivery of a new Malteser from mxcomponents and a KMR from ARS composites. This design is looking good on the water and is showing promise.
Also in collaboration with Zachary Chan I have created 3 models for 3d printing. Shown in the images. This will be available to buy and print at home

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Something OLD, Something NEW and BLUE but nothing borrowed

Firstly something OLD.

I have started to scan all of my fathers designs from the 1960s and 1970s, this will be hopefully completed by the new year.

fantasie impromptu

Something BLUE and NEW

this year I have launched a new IOM called KMR (don’t ask). This was designed at the request of a client. The prototype has been moulded and will be on the water soon  and this will be in production in the new year.

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This weekend should be the launch of the Malteser. Photos to follow


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