Radio Yacht Designs

This page catalogues the radio yacht designs of both Chris & Mark Dicks, father and son.

Despite the passing of Chris a few years ago many of his designs are still available. The Widget IOM remains a competitive club racing boat and the Triple Crown IOM is available as a free plan for the home builder and is, again, a great entry into club IOM racing.

The designs are listed in class order and if we have a picture it will be included. If you have a picture or further details of any of the yachts featured here then please use the contact page to get in touch.

If the design is currently available either as a complete boat, mouldings or plans then details of where to get them will be listed.


this is a project that was developed to hopefully create using a 3D printer



RG65 Class

Atom – Mark Dicks

R Atom 1

R Atom

Plans available please use the contact page to enquire. plans also available as a download from

Wedge 8 – Mark Dicks

R Wedge

Mouldings and part / fully completed boats available from VAM Sails

Sliver – Mark Dicks

sliver mk1

Sliver 2 – Mark Dicks

R Sliver 2

Mouldings and part/fully completed boats available through Alex Cory, please use the contact page to enquire.

Ice – Mark Dicks

Black Ice

Possibly available through Robot Yachts



this is my latest design. hulls will be available later this year from a UK supplier


this is a project that will be available next year. this is being built by Rood Ars of Ars-composites in Thailand. this is based on the Wedge IOM that is built by the same person

IOM Class

Metrick Magic – Chris Dicks

Widget – Chris Dicks

R Widget

Sleek – Chris Dicks

this was a design for Les Robins

Gadget – Chris Dicks

R Gadget

Triple Crown – Mark Dicks

Viper – Mark Dicks

R Viper

Available through Dave Creed as a kit or completed to deck level. Please use the contact page to enquire.

Lunchbox – Mark Dicks


Possibly available as mouldings, or part/fully completed boat through Alex Cory. Please use the contact page to enquire.

Vision – Mark Dicks

R Vision


One of the latest IOMs to take to the circuit, lines developed in collaboration with John Tushingham and Phil Playle. The boat is available through CM Yachts directly and is built by Phil Playle.


After testing various boat designs, Darren Abdilla motivated himself to try and produce a winning RC boat by using all the knowledge and studies learned sailing in this sport.

IOM Malteser is a Project started in Malta by Darren Abdilla (MLT 25) and designed by the brave designer Mark Dicks from UK. The original deck layout was designed by Frank Russell from AUS but has been modified by MX Components before putting it in production.

This is now available from mx components –


this boat was commissioned by Rood Ars as he wanted to start moulding on his own after leaving another well known boat company





This design was commissioned by a friend and is being built by Rood Ars. This design has an upside down now and is wider than my previous designs. The prototypes have shown potential and other hulls have been sent to Italy and USA for extra feedback

Marblehead Class

247 – Chris Dicks


Slick – Chris Dicks

this was a design that was designed for mike weston/Les robins of the swanley club

Magick – Chris Dicks

Magick 3 – Chris Dicks

Magick 5 (D.B.) – Chris Dicks

Tethys – Mark Dicks

R Tethys

Designed for Greek skipper and built and moulded by him.

Sliver – Mark Dicks

Sliver RM

RM Sliver

Possibly available as mouldings through Alex Cory. Please use contact page to enquire.

Ten Rater Class

Hellbat – Chris Dicks


Dragonforce 65 – Mark Dicks


Based on the ICE RG65 the DF65 has been a standout boat over the last couple of years. It is mass produced by Joysway Hobby Co in China. Since its launch in 2013 there have been more than 10,000 examples sold worldwide and is a great entry level radio yacht which is available from your local hobby store!

Dragonflite 95 – Mark Dicks (Initial Lines), John Tushignham & Buzz Coleman (Product development from initial lines through to manufacturing)


With a launch date of early 2016 this yacht is poised to follow the DF65. Mark penned the preliminary lines to a concept thought up John Tushingham this was then developed through to the final product by John Tushingham and Buzz Coleman . Produced by Joysway Hobby Co it will be available from your local hobby store!