Hello World

It;s been a while since I last posted’ a lot of stuff has been happening this year.

Firstly a 3D printed design have started to appear in America, Australia and the UK. this is the visionary IOM and can be purchased from Zachary Chan.

Secondly work has started on the Visionary RG65, this is also available as a 3D model and hopefully in the new year a Carbon moulded version will be available once trials have been done.

thirdly, an old design has been resurrected and is now complete and sailing. this is the VIPER design that has been revamped with a new deck and radio installation

Fourthly, RED5 is being developed in chile for production later this year, here are some pictures on the test boat

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4 Responses to Hello World

  1. ghyachts1@gmail.com says:

    Wow you have been busy all looking very good. I like that RG very much that has beautiful lines Regards G



  2. ghyachts1@gmail.com says:

    Hi Mark Are files/drawings available for the new RG65 65 love it Graham



  3. lloydertel says:

    Hi Mark
    those pics look realy nice.. I am looking to print my own IOM soon. ( have to learn fusion first.. or try and put my dwg/dxf file into a fusion file)
    but was interested in a pic you had.. pic #6.. there is a grey hull in the back ( i am going to assume fibreglass) it realy does look nice.. Whos design? whats the name of it?




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